Maintain Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is something that we should all strive for. Whether you wear extensions, wigs or your own hair natural, relaxed or permed it is necessary to maintain healthy hair and have good hair regimen. 

A hair regimen is pretty much a cultivation of tools and ;methods you'll need to take care of your tresses. It is important because a healthy hair care regimen leads to healthy hair which is exactly what we want.

Building a good regimen is the key to healthy hair. The goal is to increase hair's moisture, while decreasing breakage and damage. This can be accomplished with 4 simple steps.

1. Wash Day 

  • Clean scalp and hair to remove dirt and build-up
  • Condition after cleansing to add moisture back into the hair
  • Deep condition to moisture or strengthen hair
  • Gently detangle hair to remove  any knots or tangles
  • Stretch hair while drying to prevents knots and tangles

2. Detangling

  • Dampen hair with conditioner to add slip for easy detangling
  • Detangle using fingers, wide tooth comb, or Deman
  • Pull hair taunt to stretch making is easier to to detangle
  • Detangle from the ends working your way up to the roots

3.  Daily Maintenance

  • Daily or every other day moisture hair with a moisturizing product, then seal with oil 
  • Gently finger detangle hair to remove shed hairs or knots
  • Try to reduce daily hair handling to every other day which reduces breakage

4. Hair Styling

  • Stretched hair styles - braids, twist outs, roller sets - help to decrease breakage for natural girls
  • Protective styles - weaves - wigs can help retain length and reduce breakage
  • Avoid any tight hairstyles that pull at your edges and can cause breakage
  • Avoid direct heat as much as possible

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