Is Raw Hair for everyone?

Is Raw Hair For Everybody?

At first thought one would think yes, everyone should LOVE Raw Hair!!! However, the reality is that this is just not the case.  One could question 'who wouldn't want the best quality?' and 'who wouldn't want to make a great investment into a product that would last a very long time? It's never just that simple.  I have come to the conclusion that Raw hair just isn't for everyone. 

 First off, Raw hair requires more maintenance as it needs to be handled with the love and attention that you would give to your own natural hair. Some people are either too busy or simply don't want to dedicate any time to caring for hair extensions.  That is totally understandable. A few extra steps in caring for hair extensions might just not be in the cards for everyone. 

Then there is texture or feel of raw hair.  If you prefer that extra silk, (some might say slippery) feel to the hair, then virgin hair might be best.  Raw hair by nature has much more texture and body because the cuticles are still on the hair shaft and haven't been stripped since they are aligned correctly. I feel that this actually helps raw hair stand up better to bleaching and heat but it is still necessary to deep condition raw regularly to maintain the integrity of it

Lastly raw hair is more expensive and the main reason behind that would be the way that the hair is collected.  Raw hair has to be meticulously cut from each donor's head and kept in the same direction all the way through wefting, bonding, etc. 

 Just understand that are so many choices available to all everyone. Something to fit your lifestyle and pocket. Looks at all the options and ;make the best decision possible based on your needs and desires.


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